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Branding doesn't stop at a logo - the importance of managing corporate ID

You have a logo right? That's it, your business identity is done … wrong! It's important to realise that your identity doesn't stop at your logo - it permeates to every point at which a customer or potential customer comes into contact with your business or organisation, so that includes; the stationery that you use to send a quote or an invoice, the way that you answer the phone, how you're dressed when you visit a client or potential customer either at their home or office, your business card, your website and your social media profiles and posts. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to reinforce the image you wish to portray about your business. Customers will form an opinion about you based on these interactions so it is highly important to spend time managing your branding and identity.

We all know that if a customer is happy with the service you provide and the experiences they have with your business they're more likely to recommend you. Recommendations are the ultimate compliment, a 'pat on the back' - job well done, not only in the work you have completed but in the way in which you have presented your business.

The 4 tips below will help you to maintain a positive brand image for your business -

  1. Be consistent - ensure you use the same 'tone of voice' to represent your business e.g. if your brand personality is fun and friendly then your communications with customers and potential customers should reflect this. This includes when you are communicating on social media e.g. facebook and twitter. Make sure your messages are appropriate and always double check a message before you post it, making sure there aren't any spelling or grammar mistakes.

  2. If it's appropriate to your line of work, invest in a uniform branded with your logo and strapline and, keep the uniforms in good condition.

  3. Invest in a set of designed business stationery - letterheads, compliments slips, business cards, invoice and quote forms.

  4. Fully complete your social profiles e.g. ensure that you have a cover photo on facebook, that your contact details and website address are featured and that all of your profiles follow the same look and feel as your website if you have one.

Take some time to think about your branding and image, how are your customers and potential customers perceiving you?

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