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As a small business or start up, investing in a website is one of the most costly marketing purchases you'll initially make, but it's 100% worth it and necessary. As a business owner, a website is vital, it helps give you credibility, builds trust and showcases your products and services to prospective customers. Secondly, of equal importance, as we all have the objective of achieving more sales, it also helps you nurture and generate leads.


We're in a world of digital selling, a world where a digital presence is a given, customers research you online and your website is the only salesperson you have that is available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Using Wix, I can create you a 7-page website (non-ecommerce) that will not only look good, it’ll be good for business. Working in collaboration with a graphic designer, I develop sites that look visually appealing and present your brand in an impactful and interesting way.  


The site will be optimised for SEO and mobile and ready in under 3 weeks.


Wix is a fantastic tool, you can learn more about why I recommend it to my clients in this blog. The main benefits of the platform include flexibility and cost-effectiveness, both of which are vital for SMEs.


Purchase a new website today, and we'll have your new site up and running in just a few weeks - satisfaction guaranteed!


Turnaround time – 2-3 weeks


Additional costs apply such as a Wix subscription, see product info section.


If you require an ecommerce site, please get in touch so that we can talk through the project and I can provide a quote.


If you already have a Wix site but want a fresh new look, contact me and we can talk through your requirements and I can quote on the project for you.


Wix Website 7 pages (non-ecommerce)

SKU: 364215376135191
  • - A Wix premium subscription plan will need to be bought separately.


    - A domain name will need to be purchased separately via e.g. GoDaddy or your current domain can be connected up to the new Wix site.


    - Images used in the design beyond your own images, will be sourced from rights-free websites where possible. If no suitable free options are available, a small budget may be required to purchase stock images.


    - If you require copy writing for your site, this has an additional extra charge of £280. Please select Site + Copy in the options.

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