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6 Reasons Why I Recommend Wix

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Lockdown has been tough for all businesses, but it’s also created opportunities for some to stop, review and refocus their marketing efforts. For many, this has included their website.

One of my key skills is refreshing websites and to help with that process, I often recommend a Wix site. I know there’s quite a lot of Wix vs WordPress banter but for me personally, I find Wix so easy to use.

In this blog post I explain how I work through the process of updating a website and share the top 6 reasons to consider using Wix as a website provider.

Over the past 5 years I’ve worked alongside a whole range of startups and SMEs from different industries creating websites that mix style with functionality. Companies including B&C Educational, Calvin Hanks Health and Safety, RAMSS, Profiwall, Torchlight Marketing and my own website is also a Wix site too.

A big part of a website refresh is setting the style and tone. I’ll do this by getting inspiration from brand colours, talking to clients, and understanding their target audiences and what’s likely to appeal to them.

For example with the Calvin Hanks website, I started by reviewing the brand colours and slightly tweaking the colour schemes for the logo. This was then used as a consistent theme which flows throughout the site, and helped create the small vector image visuals. For Torchlight Marketing I combined personality with strong brand colours and business functionality.

"Natalie helped bring my website vision to life. Having sent her my page and content ideas she came up with a suggested website template and we took it from there. It was quite a tricky brief in that I wanted both a strong company brand awareness but also my own personality to come through. She was able to translate this into a practical, striking website that delivered on all levels. She is a great listener and came up with some fantastic ideas I'd not even thought of e.g. my flickering torch logo. I've had excellent feedback on my website already and I'm really pleased with the end result. I'd happily recommend Natalie for website development and design."

Wix has been a fantastic platform to create websites for my clients. Here are my 6 reasons to use them.

1) The templates are a really great starting point and cover both stores and service-based businesses. Plus, Wix functionality means that you can very easily optimise your site for mobile.

2) There is no coding. It’s simply drag and drop. The help section is also fantastic if you need assistance with anything specific, which means when you want to make changes, if you feel confident, you can carry them out yourself. This can mean significant savings in the long run as you’re not having to pay for a developer.

3) Wix has fantastic apps, analytics, easy to follow step-by-step SEO optimisation. A great example is the RAMSS member app, which allows the business to easily share documents and other information with their team members.

4) It’s easy to transfer the site once complete. This is particularly important so I can hand over the reigns to my client. I can also give a short tutorial in case they need to make minor changes in the future.

5) Wix offers fantastic value for money which is always helpful for small businesses.

6) It is also easy to connect up a domain or set up one through Wix. I’ve worked with businesses that don’t have a domain or have one already set up with another provider like Go Daddy and Wix makes the process really easy.

Are you happy with your website?

Does it need a refresh but you’re not sure where to start?

I’d love to chat through what you’re interested in. I can offer a simple refresh or a more robust service, which reviews style and copy. Please get in touch so we can discuss more.

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