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Base North Marketing is changing….

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

I'm moving away from offering general marketing management into specialising in Wix websites and marketing materials.

Why might you ask?

After reviewing my skills, expertise and work patterns, I realised that working as a general marketing manager wasn't as effective for me as it used to be. I've been offering ad hoc marketing management for the past ten years. It's a great niche and a service that SMEs benefit from significantly. However, marketing management can mean so many things to different people, the responsibilities are vast, and often tasks require considerable coordination of various parties. I relished this in the past and loved the variety, but as the years passed, I started to find I couldn't use my time effectively. I'm often waiting for responses (business owners, it's not a dig, I know you're busy) and working part-time; I only have set hours to work, so I'd like to maximise them because as a freelancer, I'm paid by the hour.

Secondly, I realised the joy I get from creating Wix websites; I've completed over 25 sites (see my portfolio for examples). I love working with start-ups, sole traders, and small businesses, helping them establish an online presence. It requires a lot of creativity to take the materials provided and insights about their business, which frequently can be quite limited when they're new businesses and transform them into an engaging and impactful website. I've had great feedback and progressed to the second-highest ranking on Wix's partnership programme.

Finally, I enjoy managing the creation of marketing materials. I cut my teeth, as they say, on creating marketing materials when I started my career. It's something I've always loved.

These reasons led me to have an 'a hah' moment; why not adapt my services and specialise in Wix sites and marketing materials, the two activities that bring me a lot of joy? The benefits are the activities are very much project-based so that I can block out my time more effectively, and when provided with the vital info I need, I can fly free and let my creativity flow. I’m grateful that I have the freedom to make this change.

So that's how the decision came about.

If you’re interested in launching a Wix website, or want to refresh your existing website regardless of provider I’d love to hear more about your plans.

Of if you’ve been thinking about a new site, I’d be happy to talk through your visions.

Get in touch to so you can book a call with me.

Here's to the next decade and continuing to help small businesses be successful!

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