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So what does a freelance marketing manager actually do?

I often get asked this question so I thought I’d write a quick blog to answer it and share a bit more about the projects I’ve worked on. Here are my top 3 answers:

1. I offer my marketing advice to a variety of SMEs within a whole range of industries. Because the theory of marketing (once you know how it works and have been doing it for over 15 years!) can be easily applied to different sectors I love developing marketing solutions for a whole cross-section of organisations. To date, I’ve worked with companies in many different industries including the non-profit sector, finance, health, technology and even local artisans here in Blackburn. Often the business is unaware of how to best market their business and where they should be focusing their efforts. Using the skills I’ve built up over the years, I can develop a marketing activity or strategy plan for them. I can also carry out the implementation of the plan too, if support is needed with managing the marketing on a day-to-day basis – see point 2!

2. A couple of examples of projects I’ve recently completed are:

  • Delivering a campaign of 7 videos for a healthcare business, which I managed from start to finish, selecting the agency, managing production and advising on how best to use the content.

  • Managing the development of a new website for to refresh their brand image and create an impactful and engaging new style.

The great thing about my work is that I learn new things on every job, which can help to benefit my clients across the board.

3. When working as marketing manager for a business, I coordinate all activities making sure everything is happening on time and to budget, as well helping to analyse success. As part of this, my role is to source associates when particular expertise is needed. For example working with a PR agency to raise a business and the owner’s profile, a telemarketing company to deliver campaigns, and a Pinterest expert to advise on Pinterest strategy. There are so many marketing platforms, tools and skills, it’s impossible to be an expert in everything so I have an excellent network of associates that I work with. I bring everything together - something that is an impossible task for a business owner who just wants to deliver on the service they provide.

I hope the above has given you a taste of what I do. If after reading this you feel there are elements of your marketing I could support I’d love to discuss with you. You can reach me via the chat function here or drop me an email –

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