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5 reasons why I love working with entrepreneurs

Whilst taking some time out over Christmas I had the chance to regroup on some of the things I thought would be good to share with my audiences in the New Year.

With a lot of my clients being described as entrepreneurs it got me thinking about how well I work with them and how much I enjoy the experience. I was able to pinpoint 5 key reasons which I wanted to highlight in my first blog of 2020:

  1. They are very talented, creative, knowledgeable, and have great ambition and drive to succeed, which is a real motivator. One of my key strengths as a freelance marketing manager is that I’m able to channel ideas into measurable actions.

  2. They understand marketing is an important part of their business so are willing to invest in its development. They want results so give me the opportunity to keep them focussed cut out the noise and deliver on an output.

  3. They know the market they are in so understand their target customers and the pain points their product or service can alleviate for them, which I can translate into viable marketing CTA’s.

  4. They’re open to trying new ideas and trust my judgement having worked in marketing for over 15 years.

  5. I learn a lot from them and experience working in whole variety of industries. It also gives me the opportunity to utilise a lot of different marketing skills depending on what works best for specific sectors and the audience they are trying to engage with.

To put into a real life context I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sharon Snape from Altitude Glass since 2018. Being an expert and entrepreneur in the glass business for over 10 years, Sharon originally came to me for support with developing her website. We worked together to complete the project, then moved on to implementing regular marketing activities to raise awareness of her business among her target market and to improve her brand awareness through new business stationery and signage.

For the website we’ve seen a 170% increase in visits and 140% increase is website sessions YoY! Along with a significant increase in brand awareness and engagement on Sharon’s social media profiles.

Are you an entrepreneur that needs marketing support? I’d love to work with you to help your business grow in 2020! Please get in touch either by email, use the contact form or hit the chat button.

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